Princess Miliani

Princess of Khanau


The second of five fire Genasi children born to the King of Khanau, Miliani has no patience for anything that distracts from her goal of succeeding her father to the throne. In order to assure her ascent, Miliani has two options: either impress her father so much that he declares her as his rightful heir, or eliminate the competition. Of her siblings, she has only gained the support of her youngest brother, Lono. Her younger sister has no interest in ruling, which leaves only her other two brothers as her rivals.

In public, Miliani is the perfect princess, with the grace of royalty, the flawless manners of a born diplomat, and the mental and physical strength to back up any ruling. In private, however, the princess’s temper often gets the best of her. She has been known to fly into the kind of explosive rage that only a fire Genasi could truly understand.

Princess Miliani

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