Dark-skinned Tiefling with jet-black horns like a ram, and a raven constantly perched on his shoulder


Shadow Sorcerer and Raven Queen Warlock

Abyssal Tiefling
Charisma +2
Constitution +1
Languages: Common, Infernal, Abyssal
Abyssal Fortitude. Your hit point maximum increases by
half your level (minimum 1).
Abyssal Arcana:Each time you finish a long rest, you
gain the ability to cast cantrips and spells randomly
determined from a short list. At 1st level, you can cast a
cantrip. When you reach 3rd level, you can also cast a 1stlevel
spell. At 5th level, you can cast a 2nd-level spell.
You can cast a spell gained from this trait only once until
you complete your next long rest. You can cast a cantrip
gained from this trait at will, as normal. For 1st-level spells
whose effect changes if cast using a spell slot of 2nd level or
higher, you cast the spell as if using a 2nd-level slot. Spells of
2nd level are cast as if using a 2nd-level slot.
At the end of each long rest, you lose the cantrips and
spells previously granted by this feature, even if you did not
cast them. You replace those cantrips and spells by rolling for
new ones on the Abyssal Arcana Spells table. Roll separately
for each cantrip and spell. If you roll the same spell or cantrip
you gained at the end of your previous long rest, roll again
until you get a different result.
Abyssal Arcana Spells
d6 1st Level 3rd Level 5th Level
1 Dancing lights | Burning hands | Alter self
2 True strike | Charm person | Darkness
3 Light|Magic missile | Invisibility
4 Message | Cure wounds | Levitate
5 Spare the dying | Tasha’s hideous laughter | Mirror image
6 Prestidigitation | Thunderwave | Spider climb


Virc is a descendant of a Orcus, Prince of Undeath. His family has longed served Orcus as his wicked ways, many of them are shadow sorcerers drawing their magical powers from Thanatos itself. From a young age Virc grew to hate his family, his heritage, and what they stood for. His father Vyizm was particularly cruel. Vyizm claimed that Orcus would grant them eternal life and that was why he continued to serve him. He continually preached about the great power of Orcus and when Virc would reject these teachings his father would whip and lash the boy viciously. His mother was a human slave his father had used and then killed after his birth.
When Virc was 16 he and his father were travelling to a great ritual for Orcus when they met an old man with a raven on his shoulder on the road. Vyizm seemed initially confused by the old man who spoke of serving the goddess death and fate. Vyizm was intrigued by this goddess and what powers she granted, especially her control over fate. He asked if she gave her followers eternal life? The old man simply nodded his head, raised his hand and a black stream of necrotic energy burst forth into Vyizm’s chest. He was consumed by the energy and fell to dust on the ground.
The old man then turned to Virc who was both elated that his torturous father had been slain but scared of what the old man intended to do. Then the raven hopped from the man’s shoulder and inspected Virc. Virc was too scared to move and say paralyzed as the raven inspected him. Eventually the raven returned to the old man who seemed to commune with the raven before nodding his head.
“What is your name young one?” He asked of Virc.
“Virc…” he replied cautiously still too scared to move.
“Do you know of The Raven Queen?” the old man asked
When Virc shook his head the man grasped Virc’s arm and brought him to his feet. “My name is Gregor. You have much to learn young one and it would seem that the queen may have a place for you should you desire it. Come, let us speak and I will tell you of the queen”
Virc followed Gregor cautiously as they made their way back to Gregor’s camp. Gregor proceeded to tell Virc of The Raven Queen, the goddess of death, the spinner of fates and the patron of winter. Virc learned how she had come to power by defeating Nerull and further gained the domains of fate and winter through wars among the deities. She rules from her created realm in the mountains of Letherna in Shadowfell. She watches over the world and ensures that each creature meets it’s end at its proscribed time and place. Her sworn servants carry out this duty by hunting down those being that seek to cheat death. She is a sworn enemy of Orcus for his use of undeath and for his desire to overthrow her and claim her title as the god of death.
At the mention of Orcus as an enemy Virc became extremely interested. He explained his heritage and his families service to the prince of undeath. Gregor simply nodded and continued with The Raven Queen’s tenants.
“ -Hold no pity for those who suffer and die, for death is the natural end of life.
-Bring down the proud who try to cast off the chains of fate. As the instrument of the Raven Queen, you must punish hubris where you find it.
-Watch for the cults of Orcus and stamp them out whenever they arise. The Demon Prince of the Undead seeks to claim the Raven Queen’s throne.”
“Do not make a decision now, you are too young and inexperienced to decided to dedicate your life to a deity. But know that The Raven Queen has seen your hatred for your heritage, your family and what they stand for. Your heritage to Orcus means nothing to her only your actions and intentions. You have a place with her should you choose to claim it. If you wish you may travel with me for a time and when The Raven Queen thinks you are ready she will offer you a choice.”
Virc travelled with Gregor for several years after this encounter. He learned more of The Raven Queen and the world. By the time he was 18 his sorcerer ancestry had shown itself and he had begun to explore powers as a shadow sorcerer. Like most of his family when he slept it appeared as if he was not breathing. His eyes changed to silver and he learned to cast magical darkness, much like the drow, but he also learned that he could see through the darkness. But he could also feel that the source of his magical power was coming from Thanatos. The evil influences of Orcus began to creep in on his mind. He spoke to Gregor of this change and expressed his fear of Orcus’s influence. Gregor told him that The Raven Queen had decided it was time to offer Virc a place as one of her warlocks. Virc accepted, partially to escape from Orcus’s evil influence and partially to get back at his family and their vile heritage.
Through a brief but intense ritual Virc swore his allegiance to The Raven Queen, promising to serve her and follow her will. At the completion of the ritual Virc would feel the change in his magic. It’s source seemed to now come from Letherna itself, home of The Raven Queen. Along with his sorcerers magic he could now feel The Raven Queen’s pact magic flowing within him. And as the ritual completed a raven descended to land on his shoulder. The raven informed Virc that her name was Lilith and she would serve as his guide from the queen.
Virc and Gregor then parted. Virc had his new path, purpose and guide. This is where his journey began.

Harrowing Event: Virc’s family has a history of practicing the dark arts by worshiping Orcus. Virc felt the power of Orcus begin to take hold when his sorcerer powers emerged and he fears of their return.
Personality: I refuse to become the victim and I will not allow others to be victimized
Ideals: I have a dark calling to destroy those that seek to cheat death which puts me above the law.
Bonds: A terrible guilt over my family’s legacy consumes me. I hope that I can find redemption through my actions
Flaws: I feel no compassion for the dead. They’re the lucky ones.


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