Assassin, thief, coward.


Born in the city of Feywinter and orphaned at a young age, Seigward was picked up by one of the street gangs of the city where he learned how to steal to live. As he aged he realized that sometimes you don’t need to pick someones pocket to steal their money, and turned to elaborate crimes of fraud and selling fake goods. Seigward had managed to gather a small gang around him to aid him in his crimes and times were good. That all came crashing down when a rival street gang found their hideout and stormed the building while Seigward was running a con, and returned to find nothing left save the corpses of his now deceased friends. Vowing revenge on the gang that murdered his friends and stole his treasure, he now seeks a way to honor the dead by way of a death offering, money offered to the god of thieves in sacrifice, and wants to make the largest offering he can. To accomplish this he has set his sights on adventuring, and more particularly tomb raiding. While a conniving bastard and someone you can’t leave with a bag of gold, he will defend his friends in any way he can.

“Friends may come and go, and gold can be lost, but you can always rely on the gullibility of the ignorant, and hopefully the rich.”


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