A deep Bronze dragonborn with cobalt eyes who stands at roughly six foot six. Occasionally some of his scales appear to be burned along his hands.


Bounty Hunter Background. Sorcerer class with Phoenix origin.


Not much is really said about Harrixen. He was born outside of a clan, to two parents who had left for undisclosed reasons. His early years were uneventful and it wasn’t until he was sixteen, just past Dragonborn age of adulthood, that tragedy struck. One day he returned home to find his parents slain. He never knew for certain what killed them, but it was in his grief and rage that his powers first manifested. Forced to survive alone after this, Harrixen began to hunt criminals. Sometimes he did it for gold, other times simply because he saw the victims of their crimes and was reminded of his own loss. And so he hunted. He continuously developed powers as he hunted, striving to be stronger than he was on the last hunt. Over time he made a few close friends, but was shaken quite strongly when one of his good comrades died during a joint assignment a few years ago. No one saw how it happened, but all Harrixen would say on the matter was that it wouldn’t happen again.

Despite the tragedy that had affected him, Harrixen was not one to let it show. Friendly for a Dragonborn, sometimes unsettlingly so, he holds himself in a rather jovial demeanor and greets potential new allies with kindness. Some say it’s his search for a “clan” of his own. Regardless, he is friendly to many. But there are a few who he has no compassion for. Another unfortunate habit of his is the silent desire to drink himself into a stupor following events that perturb him. Or an experience that he enjoyed. Or a long day that stressed him out. Or just after any excuse he can make at all to drink.

Personality trait: I would rather make a new friend than a new enemy.
Phoenix Quirk: I admire fire in all of its forms and no matter where it burns.
Ideal: I hunt the worst criminals for free, the victims deserve that much.
Bond: Someone I loved died because of a mistake I made. Never again.
Flaw: Once I start drinking I find it hard to stop.
Flaw 2: I ‘take issue’ with the concept of taking certain criminals alive, unless that means burning them while alive.


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