Demons in the Sand

Well That's Not Good . . .
4th-6th day of Leaves' End, 1250 A.S.

After his new recruits returned from the forest stronghold with not only the survivors of the original scouting party but also a captured bandit, Scout-Lieutenant Harrow was impressed. So impressed, in fact, that he immediately went to his fiancee Lady Patience to tell her that he might have a team to help with her concerns.

Lady Patience met with the group to tell them her worries – her sister, Lady Prudence, had been going somewhere late at night. If it were anyone else, Patience might have assumed it was innocent, but with Prudence's visions the matter was potentially dangerous. Patience asked the team to keep an eye on her and make sure she was safe.

The team's surveillance confirmed Patience's worst fears – Prudence was worshipping at an altar to Orcus in her own home. Upon realizing this, the team immediately reported to Harrow, who asked them to continue watching her. Vric also left to report to his mentor, Gregor, only to find his house ransacked and splattered with blood.

Prudence left the house late that night and went into a mausoleum, but she seemed to be in a trance and unaware of her actions. Harrow and Patience arrived to take Prudence home, and the party remained behind to explore the mysterious mausoleum.

The Beginning of a New Adventure
3rd Day of Leaves' End, 1250 A.S.

On the night of the 3rd day of Leaves End, Fraener Ironcask was drinking in the Prancing Hart when he was approached by three locals. The men were just what he was hoping to find – aspiring adventurers who were interested in helping him in his quest for wealth and glory by following a mysterious map. Just one problem – the men didn't have permission to leave the city. Fraener made a deal with them: if they came to him with proof that they could leave the city, he'd set up the expedition and take only 15% of the treasure they found in the end.

One of the men, a dwarven gunsmith named Flint Fireforge, had heard rumors of disappearances within the city. The other two, Gith Frosthand and Siegward, followed several leads and found that people had indeed gone missing. However, they found no evidence of where they went and no way of leaving the city without official permission.

Meanwhile, Fireforge learned that Scout-Lieutenant Andrew Harrow was looking for help investigating several scouts (and personal friends) who had gone missing on a recent mission. For a hefty fee of 5 gp per person per day, Harrow agreed to hire the Fireforge and his friends. Their job was to follow the missing scouts and see what happened to them, and, if possible, complete their original mission.

After a surprisingly uneventful journey through the Forest of Souls, the would-be adventurers and the squad of scouts who accompanied them found an abandoned stronghold which had been taken over by bandits. After efforts to go in via the front door failed, the group located a back door through which they could infiltrate the keep.


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