The black sands of the Obsidian Desert have captured the imagination of storytellers and bards for centuries. They weave tales of a vast empire with riches beyond imagining, all now buried beneath the endless wastes. Despite the stories, no one knows if any such empire ever existed. None who have ever gone searching have returned with any evidence, and many never return at all.

In the city of Feywinter, the troubles of the day distract most people from the fabled riches waiting just beyond the city wall. However, one day a strange man arrived with a map that he claimed would lead to the sunken empire. He offered riches to any who were brave enough to answer his call.

Unfortunately, things are not so simple in Feywinter. Citizens of the city are not permitted to leave without official permission, and such permission is not easy to come by. It will take a considerable amount of effort to prove your worth before you can embark on what may be the adventure of your life.